Friday, August 19, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions Computer Repair

What would you recommend for a free anti-virus software?
Both Avira Antivirus and Microsoft Security Essentials are light weight great anti virus softwares. We do not recommend Norton or McAfee, they are heavy programs, that cause a computer to slow down due to the program size.
Which browsers do you recommend?
We have found clients that primarily use Firefox Mozilla or Google chrome greatly reduce the chance of developing malware on their machines.

  My computer is running slow? What could be the issue?
This issue can be caused by any of the following possibilities:
Hard disk drive is short on available disk space.
Several software programs have been installed/uninstalled leaving behind bad files and/or  confusing the software.
1. Data corruption.
2. Bad hardware.    
3. Viruses and/or Spyware.
4. Start-up/Process problems.    
5. Insufficient/overused RAM.

Why does my computer keep freezing and not responding?

There are several possibilities as to the problem:
1. Software conflict
2. Hardware conflict
3. Lack of system resources
4. A  flaw in the software or drivers.
To fix a program that has stopped responding a user can generally press the CTRL +ALT + DEL keys on the keyboard simultaneously to open the "Close Program" window or open the "Task Manager." Click the "End Task" button to close the program. If another window opens, click the "End Task" button again to stop the program.  It is important to realize that when a program stops responding any work that has not been saved will more than likely be lost when end tasking a program.

How much will it cost to fix my computer?

Unfortunately it sounds vague. But it truly depends on the computer issue. Two separate computers with similar symptoms could have a completely different diagnosis. For us to accurately troubleshoot, the computer must be brought in.

My computer keeps showing a "blue screen," What does that mean?

A frequent blue screen could be many issues. However, most frequently it's either a hard drive crashing or a failed operating system. Call 561.745.7013 to discuss.

How do I restore Itunes music from a back up to a new PC or newly re-installed Operating system?


First thing to check would be to see if ITunes is installed. Second is whether or not the music files are in the music folder. If both of these things are true then it is simple to get the music back into iTunes.

Step 1: Open ITunes and click on file.
Step 2: Select “Add Folder to Library”
Step 3: Select the “My Music” folder
Step 4: Press Ok and all the music will be imported back into ITunes.


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