Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Networking FAQ

Can you install a Sonicwall or Firewall at my office? What are the benefits of installing a Sonicwall or Firewall?

A Sonicwall is a popular brand of a firewall. It acts to increase network security by regulating and monitoring traffic in and out of a network. While utilizing a firewall you will see a decrease in malware, spyware, and external attacks on your network. Yes, we can install a firewall at your home or office. In fact, we are an authorized re-seller for the Sonicwall brand, but can work with any that you have in mind.

Can you network my printer to be utilized by multiple users?

Absolutely, if you have networking capabilities on your printer.

Does Pc Network Solutions offer wiring jobs?

Yes, anything wiring related we can do! We will make sure we quote you a fair price, and do neat, effective work!

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